- ̗̀NEW ̖́- Nintendo Switch DS


What do you do when you have a bunch of leftover prototype shots from tooling approval for Flip Grip, a couple spare hinges, a Joy-Con Rail, two Nintendo Switches and an extra copy of Breath of the Wild?

Bingo! Make a fake, mediocre-ly convincing at best “prototype” of an impractically large dual screen Nintendo Switch system!

Like all good project ideas, I came up with this idea during a bout of sleep-deprived delirium. Unlike pretty much all of my other projects, this one is definitely fake, but certainly looked real enough to fool more than a few Twitter peeps!

YES, this project is pointless… but once I came up with the concept, I couldn’t get the dumb/cool image of two big ‘ol Switches on top of each other out of my head.

And of course, it only took about 15 minutes of hacking together all the ingredients to make it a reality, so why not?

How did I build it?

It’s two prototype Flip Grips, some friction hinges from McMaster (I needed two— those Switches are heavy!), a spare Joy-Con rail I used for Nintendo Switch testing, all smacked together using some screws.

I faked (poorly) the dual screen effect by running two instances of Breath of the Wild. I synced the times up using fireplaces. It was surprisingly difficult to sync up the weather conditions; it rains a damn lot in that game. 🌧️