Welcome to the - ̗̀NEW ̖́- mechachoi.com

Welcome! First big redesign in four years. What’s different?

1. New logo: It’s a new and improved Marcie! Now complete with gears sticking out of her head.


2. Less portfolio, more blog: The old website was primarily made to showcase a portfolio for when I was applying to jobs. However, I’ve decided that I want a centralized hub that chronicles my creative endeavors and process, separate from the noise of Twitter / Youtube.

ye olde mechachoi

ye olde mechachoi

Now you’ll see that the landing page is a blog, rather than a photostack of my projects (most of which are pretty old now). The blog is pretty sparse right now, with a few blogs that I ported over from the old mechablog.

I want to keep my blogs short and simple (with the exception of that Game Boy Advance build-log, whew). I want the blog to serve as a chronological record of my projects and creative process in general. This means build logs and hopefully lots of cool pictures.

2. Work: The second page of the new site will have a section that is more like ye olde mechachoi.com, with a photo stack that have clickthrough descriptions of my projects. There’s still a lot of old stuff in there, but I have at least 6 new projects lined up for 2019 that should help breathe some new life into that page!

3. About: Writing bios is hard.

So thanks for visiting! Stay tuned to this space for more updates on the projects I’m working on this year.

Mike Choi