HI! I’M MECHACHOI AND I’m building cool things.

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Hi! I’m Mike Choi. I’m a hardware hacker, developer, and designer.

I live at the intersection between hardware, music, and video games, and you’ll find that most of my projects fall into those categories.

My projects vary in scope from one-off prototypes, to finished products in mass production.

And they also vary in utility: sometimes I make useful tools, while other times I’m making a totally silly widget that’s just fun to look at.

So whether it’s an electronic pianica for covering video game music, or a replica of the original Game Boy Advance prototype, or a piece of plastic that flips your Switch 90º, my mission is to bring you joy through the things I build.

Aside from my projects, I am secretly on a quest to attain Korean grandma levels of cooking prowess, so I’m always trying to improve my technique and learn new recipes.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep an eye out for fun project updates on this blog, or follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my Youtube channel.